10 Amazing Facts About Mobile World

10 Amazing Facts about Mobile World

There are many senseless but interesting questions that come in our mind while thinking of our cell phone. Let’s dig out a number of interesting facts about the modern Phone world. We cannot name them as jaw-dropping, but most of them are still quite impressive.

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  • There are 5.6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world.
  • Over 85% of the world population is subscribe to mobile.
  • There are 10.7 million mobile subscriptions in UAE alone, averaging 2 cellphones per resident.
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  • An average American sends 15,145 text messages a year.
  • The world’s most expensive phone bill was $218 trillion dollars.
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  • It would take 3.4 billion iphones to reach the “Moon”.
  • It would take 98,560 iphones to reach the deepest point of the ocean.
  • It would take 351 million iphones to circle the globe.
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  • 200 cellphones/per day and 73,000 cellphones/year are left in New York City cabs.
  • Collective amount of Angry Bird playtime in one year is 205,343 years.
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