10 Biggest Events of the Tech World that Happened in 2021

The Year 2021 is ending soon and one thing we can surely claim is that it was not as tumultuous as 2020. We have strongly fought with the deadly coronavirus and have been able to control it to a considerable extent. In addition to that, there have also been many other groundbreaking events that happened in 2021. Therefore,  we are going to mention the 10 Biggest Events of the Tech World that Happened in 2021.

10 Biggest Events of the Tech World that Happened in 2021

1) Smartphone Production Initiated in Pakistan:

biggest events

In the context of the Pakistan tech industry, we can say that 2021 was a really bright year. Officially, smartphone manufacturing was started in the country. It’s a great milestone to achieve and it will significantly lower the overall prices of smartphones. The international smartphone companies that announced to manufacture smartphones in the country include Infinix, Samsung, Tecno, etc.

2) NFTs became the newest Blockchain trend:


In 2021, NFT’s or Non-Fungible Token took over the crypto debate and became the newest blockchain trend. Renowned businesses, entities, and individuals started to make digital arts of almost everything and sell them on the NFTs marketplace. So we recommend everyone to research about it and enter the NFT world.

3) LG left the smartphone business:

LG left the smartphone business

LG is a popular multinational conglomerate that basically deals in consumer electronics. Once, it was used to be a strong proponent of the smartphone manufacturing industry. However, in 2021, LG left the smartphone business forever.

4) The billionaire race to explore the space:

billionaires race to the space

The billionaires of the modern world which include Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson shifted their interest towards the exploration of space. Or we can say that these billionaires have indulged in a race to go into space.

5) First Foldable Smartphone of the World:

first foldable smartphone

Another breakthrough technology was released in 2021 was the Samsung Z fold. It was the first-ever smartphone with a foldable display. The R&D of Samsung resulted in making one of the most sophisticated technologies of the world.

6) Tech policies in Pakistan:

structural framework

Finally, a rigid policy framework regarding the tech industry was made in Pakistan in 2021. It encompasses a number of tech-related policies and bills that were passed in Pakistan including, social media rules, spectrum auction policy, right of way policy.

7) Amazon included Pakistan in its seller’s list:

Amazon's seller list

Another groundbreaking event that happened in Pakistan in 2021 was its inclusion in Amazon’s Seller list. The e-commerce giant has opened avenues for Pakistan sellers to showcase their line of products in the international e-commerce market.

8) Microsoft became the Most Valuable Company:

Microsoft became the most valuable company

The software giant Microsoft has surpassed Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. It happened on Oct 29th, when the value of shares of Microsoft crossed that of Apple in the Fortune 500 of the US stock Exchange.

9) A human brain Wirelessly Linked to a computer:

A human brain Wirelessly Linked to a computer:

In a potential breakthrough for those suffering from spinal cord injuries, scientists at Brown University fully linked a human brain to a computer through a transmitter device. In an unprecedented event, trial patients with paralysis were able to move robotic limbs by merely imagining their movements.

10) El Salvador becomes the first country to make Bitcoin a national currency:

El Salvador becomes the first country to make Bitcoin a national currency:

In a breakthrough event, the South American country El Salvador passed a law in September 2021 in which it made Bitcoin legal tender, along with the U.S. dollar. However, the Financial experts have shown concerns that the cryptocurrency could lead to further economic instability to the country and encourage money laundering.

Final Words:

The aforementioned list of 10 biggest events of the tech world is made after a detailed survey. If you like our list or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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