10 Healthy Habits To A Healthy Life

Health Is Wealth

“Health Is Wealth” We have heard it since forever but haven’t fully engulfed it fully. There are no miracles in the real world. You cannot go to size zero overnight. Dieting, cutting down fat, achieving health is a life-long process and it is supposed to be done this way, no shortcuts at all. Here are 10 healthy habits to achieve that dream body, to gain strength, to increase productivity and ultimately to live a happy and healthy life.

1. Sleep Early

There is no healthy lifestyle possible without one going to bed early. Bedtime is at 8 o clock and not a second more. Moreover, never use your phone while in bed.

2. Wake up Early

Oversleeping causes fatigue and makes you feel lousy all day. Do not oversleep and wake up on time which is max by 6 o clock. Your sleep cycle may take 2 to 3 weeks to be corrected, but for that, you will have to start today!

3. Fulfil Your Daily Water Goal

There are a number of water reminder Apps. like: Water Drink Reminder. Calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and search for the set amount of water intake you need per day, then follow it religiously. Water is the cure to everything, believe me.

4. Divide Portions

Divide your food into smaller portions. This may cause some extra effort but it will keep you engaged with the illusion that you ate a lot all day and will give that filling effect.

5. Exercise

Light to moderate exercise is a necessity! A few jumps, 2 mins plank pose a day, some crunches and you are done. You need not to have special machinery or go to the gym to exercise.

6. Walk

10 Healthy Habits To A Healthy Life
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If you are of age or due to some other reasons don’t find yourself fitting for exercise and even if you exercise regularly, it is obligatory to walk in the open air for 20 to 40 mins a day. It is necessary to release stress, breath in the fresh air and keep your body working.

Note: Walk doesn’t include your everyday travelling from one place to another unless it is a continuous 20 to 40 mins process.

7. Limit Screen Time

Please limit your screen time to 1 to 2 hours max ( which is also an excess). You can download ZenScreen to monitor and restrict your screen time.

8. Fruit Portion

2 to 3 pieces of fruit must be consumed daily on an empty stomach or an hour before or after any meal. Never skip your fruit portions as they are key to your healthy life.

9. Vegetable Portion

10 Healthy Habits To A Healthy Life
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Include raw or cooked vegetables in every meal. You can have a baked potato, a tomato, salad leaves, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrots etc as side portions with your meals. They are not only rich at energy but also fills you up. A healthy diet is everything for a healthy lifestyle.

I personally love adding spinach to everything because as ‘Poppy The Sailor Man’ taught us long ago it is full of Iron to boost you up!

10. Supplements

10 Healthy Habits To A Healthy Life
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This may still be a surprise for Pakistani, but it is very important for us today to consume supplements. Calcium, Iron and Vitamin D are some nutrients we all lack due to several issues with the food we consume today. And thus we need to take supplements daily or weekly.

Adopt these Health tips to feel the change in your lifestyle. Hope you like these 10 health rules I devised. Let me know what you think of them!


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