10 Years Old Coder Becomes the Center Of Attention

Samaira Mehta is a 10-year-old girl who has caught the attention of Google and Microsoft because of her work as a programmer. She is the founder and CEO of a company called CoderBunnyz that’s earned national media recognition.

She has created a board game called CoderBunnyz to help and teach other kids how to code when she was only 8. However, she had been coding since the age of  6.  She won the $2,500 second-place prize in 2016 after creating the board game.

10 Years Old Coder Becomes the Center Of Attention

Samaira Mehta appeared on some newscasts. She started selling her game on Amazon.

The exuberant and adorable Mehta said:
“We’ve sold 1,000 boxes, so over $35,000, and it’s only been on the market for one year,”
 With the help of her father, Rakesh Mehta, she also came up with such a great marketing plan when she launched the board game, She uses the game to conduct coding workshops for kids.


Mehta has just launched a sequel when the sales of the board game have gone well.  Sequel game is also for kids that teaches them that by using artificial intelligence that how to code. Her new game is CoderMindz. With the help of this game, kids could know about the basic AI principals — concepts like training an AI model, adaptive learning and inference.

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