Raza, an 11 Years Old Tech Genius is Impressing Professors at ITU

Muhammad Raza is not an average 11 year old boy. He has brilliant mind unlike his friends who regularly go to schools and play games. He keeps on sitting in front of computer and does coding. He has built software that can help detecting most wanted criminals. He also created a language predictors in Urdu that no one else in the market was able to develop. 11 Years Old Technology Genius Impress Professors at ITU.

He attend classes but instead of English, Maths, History and geography, he learn coding. Raza actually take undergraduate and masters level courses at Lahore’s Information Technology University (ITU). It is told that he scores relatively higher than his classmates.

Raza, an 11 Years Old Tech Genius is Impressing Professors at ITU

This young boy was introduced to programming by his father’s friend. He initially downloaded basic programming language ‘GW Basic‘ in Raza’s computer. This little champ began to learn programming language from YouTube. After seeing Raza’s interest in programming that friend installed C language to his computer. When he was nine year old, his parents moved from Karachi to Lahore to set up a printing business which could not do well. However due to financial constraints Raza was not able to gain regular school education like other children.

At the same time Raza’s father went through a Robotic Competition in ITU. He somehow met with Talha Rehmani who is a faculty member at the university. He tried to convince him of Raza’s interest in programming. Rehamani was reluctant but due to insistence of Raza’s father Rehmani wasn’t impressed. But on the insistence of the father, he asked two research assistants to test programming skills of little boy.

Professor Rehmani Said:

When none of them returned after an hour, I went to check up on them. To my shock, both my assistants were sitting quietly while Raza kept talking about coding and that’s when I realized that there is something special about this boy

It’s about 1.5 years since Raza is mentored under Rehmani as his research assistant. Raza was made to sit in computer science classes meant for undergraduate and master level students. It helped in polishing his skills further. In classes where the class average scores were in the 30s, Raza’s were in the 80s or 90s.

This semester, Raza is taking five classes including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Electronic Devices and Structures, Advanced Algorithms and Computational Linguistics.

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