How to make money using Digital and Social Media in 2018

The value and use of digital and social media cannot be denied. Over a period of time it has offered some really great features to its users. The merger of technology and development of numerous fast paced social media platforms has made it easy for people to earn in $$$. Digitalization of social media platforms has it all, from gaining followers, making your content popular and giving you the options to monetize through it. What exactly makes up the concept “Social Media”, I think all of your know that pretty well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the top social media platforms.

As an individual you can use different marketing tools to gain attention and organic traffic towards your business, and of course the money. However patience, professionalism and consistency is the key. Social media, in fact, can become quite lucrative for most of you. However, patience and dedication is the way to go.

Here are the top 3 ways to make money on Social Media, let’s get started!


When are you going to use your influence if not today? Do you want to earn a fair amount of cash on frequent basis? If yes, then read along. If you have a fan following of 5k or more then you can actually use it to promote local brands and even do paid shoutouts to them. BRAND promotion or Personal branding, all works here. And guess what you are not limited to do it from a single platform. You can use all your social media accounts (must have a fair number of fan following) and give shoutouts to brands and even individuals. Just make sure to keep some rules and standards for shoutouts to keep up with the quality of content.


Gone are the days when you used to see most of the endorsements on television. Now you can endorse brands, products and services through your very own social media profiles. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, right? Well, they are surely going to grow on internet through your very own social media profiles. Your good days are about to start if you have a huge fan following, endorse products and earn. Food blogger? Just endorse a new item on the menu of a newly opened restaurant and get paid for it. You might also get to eat free food on the top!  In reality, endorsements has progressed towards becoming right around a staple piece of a cutting edge sponsorship game plan to require a specific number of supported ‘tweets’ or “posts” from potential influencers. Endorsements are a win-win situation both ways.

This is, in my personal opinion is the easiest way to earn money off social media. You can make use of your list of followers on Instagram and Facebook by allowing the companies to sell their products or services on your social media accounts. Paid promotions and selling of products of brands through your profile can make you earn a fair amount of money. However, the chances of earning money through this method is high only if you have followers in six figures, and comparatively rather low if you have less than a few thousand followers on your social media accounts. How incredible are these digital and social media platforms?

Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups are a great source for earnings. It is not as easy as it may sound because you would have to work smart for it. The key rule is – stay online and active on Facebook. Follow freelancing groups, you can find numerous paid projects on such profiles related to writing, logo designing, video creation and much more. It’s time to cash your skills in a secure way. Choose your clients wisely, always try to be the first one to respond and make sure to have a professional work portfolio. Some useful groups are Pakistani Freelancer Marketplace, Upwork Pakistan and Pakistani Freelancers. Try your luck!

Final Thoughts:

There are so many other options that you can choose to earn money off digital and social media. However, it is important to remember that earning from social media platform isn’t a piece of cake, you would have to work smarter and harder to get going with your chosen tactic.  An entrepreneurial spirit would come in handy.


You can set payment methods as per your convenience, for international brands you can use Payoneer and for local brands you have a lot of options including; easypaisa, jazzcash and local bank transfer.

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