16 Minutes Less Sleep Can Affect Your Career

In today’s competitive life cycle, everyone is busy to win the race. In this race, they are ignoring their health and comfort. They are not even taking a complete sleep. However, it is very important to have a good night’s sleep for your career. Just 16 minutes less sleep than usual can affect attention, concentration, and health. Lack of sleep can lead to slower mental activity.

16 Minutes Less Sleep Can Affect Your Career

So it can lead to delayed decision making and you will make more mistakes in your routine work. Most people complain that they feel more stressed the day after a bad night’s sleep. In return of that, they spent less time with their family and friends. Lack of sleep can affect the entire economies.

In Japan, less sleep leads to an annual loss of around 600,000 working days and it is costing the US more than a $400 billion a year. According to experts, the adults should sleep for 7-9 hours a night.

In order to stay healthy with a strong immune system, a night of good sleep is important. Good sleep is also important for good emotional wellbeing and mental health. So it is very important to take good sleep in order to participate actively in the competitive life cycle.

An Interesting Fact!

Albert Einstein slept 10-11 hours a day. Good sleep helped him stay creative.

So are you taking a good sleep?

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