3 Emerging Android Apps for College Students in 2022

Technology is a blessing in disguise, and it has made our lives easier. Not only companies but students are also benefited from this technology. People are using technology and excelling in different fields of life. Thanks to the Android developers who have developed educational apps for students. Usually, students have Android devices, as iOS ones are expensive. This blog focuses on Android Apps for College Students.

All the below-mentioned apps are free of cost. SO students can be benefitted from it quickly.


Everyone knows about Wikipedia from the time when we used to get help from it on the computer. With the ever-increasing usage of smartphone, this information providing giant has its own app, which can be helpful for students 24/7.

It is the most used reference sites. If students come across any difficult term, they can easily look for it through this app. The Wikipedia app has more than 20 million articles facilitating people. By using this app, one can also save the articles to read it later on. Moreover, it also provides the ability to share the article with friends who have an Android phone with Android share option.

To download Wikipedia from google play store, click here.

Formulas Lite:

It is the best app for students who want to polish their mathematical skills. The app facilitates students with different mathematical subject Translator, Math Invasion, Web Reference and Facts.

The most helpful thing about this app is that it also has a scientific calculator that helps you with carrying different calculations.

This App helps you with three subjects, i.e., Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
Tough one cannot use this app for comprehensive studies, but it helps students with different formulas, etc.

To download Formulas Lite from Google Play Store, Click Here.


When you are in college or university, you need to scan multiple documents on a daily basis. This application helps you with it and rather than going to some shop to get the task done, you can scan documents while sitting at home. Moreover, this app helps you to turn the document into pdf files.

If you have come across useful information or some chapter in the book, you can easily scan it and can use it later on. In this way, you can save a lot of time collecting note and printing it.

To download CamScanner from Google Play Store, Click Here.

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