Facebook Introduces ‘3D Posts Feature’ in News Feed

For the users who are bored of being just limited to posting text, photos, and videos on Facebook can enjoy another interesting feature as Facebook Introduces ‘3D Posts Feature’ in News Feed.

The social media giant, Facebook has just announced “3D Posts,” which is a new type of News Feed post that lets you create 3D objects and post them directly to Facebook. In this way all Facebook users will be able to view and interact with the 3D objects without even using a VR headset.

Facebook Introduces ‘3D Posts Feature’ in News Feed

Either Oculus Medium or Facebook Spaces would be used to develop 3D objects by the users and then share them to the News Feed.

For example, you could post a 3D bicycle and then people can rotate their phone in different directions to view it from all angles. Additionally, you could swipe on things even to make it look more real.

Although it sounds like a lot of hard work just for a single Facebook post, but it could also serve as a tidy way for Oculus developers to show the work they have been doing. This new type of News Feed post would allow for the expansion of VR’s audience by letting those people who do not have a headset, preview and play with the latest work that has been done.

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