3D Printers- All You Need To Know

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I decided to answer a few FAQs about 3D Printers, what are they, their working principle, materials used and approximate prices in Pakistan.

What Are 3D Printers?

3D printers use an additive manufacturing mode to create a 3D object from a file. Additive manufacturing is layering thin layers of material onto one another successively until the desired object is obtained. It is the exact opposite of subtracting manufacturing which is cutting into block of material i.e: Wood or glass etc. to obtain the desired shape.

How Do 3D Printers Work?

The first step in 3D printing is designing your 3D model on a 3D modelling software or else it may also be downloaded through certain apps.

Once the 3D design is ready, you need to divide or slice it into layers for the design to be readable and creatable for your 3D printer. The process of slicing is known as dividing the design into thousands of horizontal lines. These lines or layers will be what your 3D printer will pick and recreate.

3D Printers- All You Need To Know
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Now your design is ready for the 3D Printer to create it through 3 different methods

  1. The layering of chemicals that turn solid when UV light is shone on them.
  2. Molten ink that turns solid when exposed to air.
  3. Powder material glued or heated together, from which the design is later translated.

What Material Are Used In A 3D Printer?

  1. Polylactic Acid (PLA) Plastic:

    The cheapest, and commonly used material which constitutes almost all of our plastic utensils and toys. However, they may not be molded our dyed.

  2. Nylon:

    Similar to PLA Plastic, but objects made from it are much flexible and can be dyed, polished or painted. Declared to be the best material for 3D printing so far.

  3. Powder Material:

    Anything that can turn into dust may be utilized to become the raw material for the 3D printers. Copper, Steel, Gold, Ceramics and Iron are all such examples. Of course, the finished product comes out to be a sustaining asset. And yes, it cost the most.

How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost In Pakistan?

There are a number of 3D printers available in Pakistan ranging from Rs.2 lac to as low as 65,000. Of course, the size and quality vary with the amount.


Hope you find it informative and helpful.

Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.
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