Pakistan government seeks $20 billion in 3 years from 3G telecom license auction

Pakistan government seeks $20 billion in 3 years from 3G telecom license auction

One of the most important thing from which the former governments failed to take benefit from was the introduction of 3G technology. New-Government can take full advantage of the opportunities because mobile industry and the mobile users are anxiously waiting for the third-generation (3G) license auction in Pakistan since 2013.

Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue Senator Ishaq Dar presented the Budget 2013-14 in the National Assembly on 12th June, 2013. This budget is termed as “Investment and Business Friendly Budget” by the new government and it aims to raise the economy of Pakistan.

The newly formed government (PML-N) of Pakistan can conduct an efficient 3G license auction 2013-14 because the radio frequency spectrum of 30 MHz in the 1900/2100 MHz band available for 3G license are still unassigned. Government can start by inviting competitive bidders to the auction and it should take necessary steps to make sure that the auction process is transparent.

[blockquote cite=”Senator Ishaq Dar”] 3G telecom licenses will be auctioned and foreign exchange reserves will be raised to $20 billion in three years. So the auction for 3G technology will be held soon and the borrowing from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will be reduced

The government has allocated Rs. 120 Billion from the proceeds of the 3G auction proposed to be held in July. This is a clear jump of Rs. 40 Billion from the previous Rs. 79 Billion allocated in 2012 and the year before. While, as usual they did not provide many details on how many license but the increase amount could be coming from additional spectrum to be made available for left over operators, 850 MHz sale and the Rs devaluation versus USD.

The major population of Pakistan comprises of youth, who are active users of technology. The introduction of 3G will not only improve the connectivity but it will also help the Smartphone industry. People of Pakistan are waiting for 3G, as it can easily become a major source of everyday transactions i-e education, health, banking, entertainment and wireless broadband connectivity.

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