3G, Waiting for technology license

3G is already 4years late in Pakistan, so its not like the countrys running out of time – it already has.

Pakistan will shortly start issuing 3G technology licenses said by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali.

3G, Waiting for technology license

Federal Minister summarized many important aspects on 3G technology licensing at launching ceremony of Huawei smart phone Ascend P1at an impressive ceremony on Wednesday night. He further said that introduction of smart phone new and latest technology will boost up youngsters to gain better understanding of 3G technology.

He was confident that introduction of Huawei in Pakistan will not only introduce new and advanced technology but will also generate large number of employment opportunities. He added that China is our trusted friend and its government and people always support Pakistan. Chairman Link Communication, Shokat Hyat Pracha said that Huawei is the second largest telecom company of world providing services in 140 countries. He said Huawei annual turnover is more than 32.2 billion dollars and it providing solutions to all the telecom companies in Pakistan. He expressed hope that smart phone Ascend P1 (duel core, 1.5 GHz,TI OMAP, 4460 cortoxt A9 processor etc) will soon get huge market share in Pakistan.

3G is a blessing, holding this technology is very important, and Pakistan does not really have a choice but to migrate to 3G data networks to allow the socio-economic benefits of mobile broadband. People of Pakistan are optimistic; despite the economic and political forecasts they have their fingers crossed for a better future.

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