4 Hacks For The Best Mobile Marketing in 2024

Context Will Be King

The right ad delivered at the right time to the right person: it’s an advertising cliché that’s been around for nearly a decade, but the industry is still struggling to get right. With consumer demand for personalized content hitting an all-time high, we see new talent entering the campaign in the form of increased and highly intelligent marketing automation in 2024. Marketing automation will make data and possible outcomes more visible, allowing marketers to identify (and even predict) individual drop-off points in the app.

Product And Marketing To Reinvent The App Experience

Actions speak louder than words, and companies will be taking serious steps in 2024 to break down the silos between brand and marketing. Building and maintaining a successful mobile company is a new solution to an existing problem.

While the primary objective of ad campaigns is to fill the advertising funnel, they also provide information and observations that can and must be used to protect the app.

In-app Bot Attacks Can Tarnish Brand Integrity

Bot attacks — carried out by automated software agents capable of communicating in a human-like manner with data, ads and offers — will grow as cybercriminals change tactics and platforms.

It is critical for marketers to be vigilant and helps them understand how bots impact the user experience negatively. If you want to aim and win, it’s best to use technology to detect bots by focusing on data that bots can’t fake, such as the screen pressure and the device’s motion.

Marketing Automation Will Give Smaller Teams Superpowers

Marketing automation innovation will not only improve marketers ‘ ability to be more innovative and efficient. Baked in marketing automation tools, machine learning can allow smaller teams to compete in the big leagues. It’s exciting to imagine how more equal access to tools will level the playing field and drive positive outcomes for the app businesses that properly manage them.

Automation will become the “great equalizer,” allowing advertisers to iterate and execute at the rate of change an astronomical number of promotions.

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Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.

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