10 Best Einthusan Alternatives in 2023

Einthusan is one of the most famous websites to enjoy South Asian movies online. The platform allows users to easily watch free movies in numerous languages which include Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Chinese, etc. The Einthusan is best for those people who wish to see underrated free Indian movies that aren’t easily available on other websites. However, there is a slight glitch. The platform isn’t available in all regions of the world. However, you don’t need to worry, as for those particular areas, we are going to mention the best einthusan alternatives.

On the einthusan platform, you can take the subscription by paying a one-time registration fee. However,  Einthusan is not a legal site to watch movies for free. The platform lies in the gray area of legalities, so it makes problems when you access some specific regions.

Is Einthusan Free to Watch?

Just like many other video or movie, TV series websites, Einthusan is totally free to watch Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. The users don’t need to buy a premium subscription plan to enjoy the movies. It has a compilation of South Asian movies which you can watch at any time and anywhere with a good internet connection. All you need to do is sign up and then you will be able to enjoy the vast collection of South Asian movies.

Does the Einthusan platform has an App? 

Unfortunately, there is no app for einthusan platform till now. But we might see an einthusan app in the near future.

What if Einthusan Website Not Working?

One thing users must note is that the Einthusan is not a legal website to watch movies for free. Every now and then, it faces legal obstructions, so it creates problems when you access it from some particular region.

Can we access Einthusan Through VPN?

The easiest way to access the Einthusan website is through a VPN. It doesn’t matter whether it is legal or not, you can still access the website anytime through the VPN. All you need is to enable a strong VPN connection to your smartphone or PC and you will be able to use einthusan with ease.

Einthusan Downloader

You can easily find the Einthusan downloader on the web but you must check that it’s fake or legal. As there are an array of spam downloader websites there to create problems for you such as bugs and excessive advertisements. So we will advise staying away from such hazardous websites.

Einthusan Kodi Addon

Einthusan Kodi addon allows you to watch the best Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Punjabi movies at ease, so it’s a necessary thing You can easily download the Einthusan addon for Kodi from the Reasons Kodi repository. However, it’s worth mentioning here that you must use a VPN with Kodi, contrarily, some of your activity can be recorded.

What Types Of Motion Pictures Can Be Found On Einthusan?

You can stream HD movies in sort of groups such as A to Z 300 MB movies, HD Bollywood, Tamil, Malayam. Telugu 300 MB movies and many more have been categorized.

10 Best Einthusan Alternatives in 2023

Here are the 10 best alternatives to the Einthusan website.

1) YouTube:

Youtube as alternative

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the world’s most famous video hosting platform and is probably the best einthusan alternative. Each day, millions of videos are shared on this gigantic platform. An extravagant amount of internet data is held by YouTube all the time. After signing up, you can upload the videos on the platform and even monetize through it. There are a number of different genres and libraries available on the platform to watch the videos. The users just need to search the type of video they want to watch, and YouTube will provide you with multiple options.

YouTube can be regarded as a diverse platform both for the content creators and the viewers. Apart from that, there’s an app available for Android and iOS devices that even makes a library for you. It is the best einthusan alternative because it features all the latest south Asian movies, especially Tamil movies which have a huge user base.

2) Hotstar:

best einthusan alternative

The Hotstar platform of India is very similar to Einthusan Tamil and Hindi movies collection. Due to this, it is also regarded as one the best alternatives of einthusan. Basically, Hotstar has altered the way we used to watch movies and TV shows. The platform has an exceptional application that is accessible both on Android and iOS devices. On the Hotstar platform, there are multiple channels that you can watch. The channels available on the platform have genres including sports, TV shows, live videos, and many more.

The users can watch movies, TV shows, and news for free as similar to the Einthusan platform. However, there’s also a premium subscription plan available where you can get nine language choices. Besides, the best part of Hotstar is you can watch most of the videos without signing in.

3) OnlineMovies Gold:

sites like einthusan

OnlineMovies Gold is probably one of the most suitable Einthusan alternatives to watch Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and other regional language movies. It is a website that offers you the content of your own preference. One gets a choice of selection of south Indian movies and TV shows with the latest release as soon as it is uploaded. in addition to that, OnlineMovies Gold renders you with the regular update of top-quality content to improve the user experience.  In addition to that, you can also watch HD quality content to watch as per your choice.

4) Amazon Prime Video:

websites similar to einthusan

Amazon Prime is created by the e-commerce giant Amazon. The platform provides you with plenty of choices among movies and TV shows similar to the Einthusan platform. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will need to have a membership of Amazon. In addition to that, Amazon Prime also offers shopping benefits. You can watch the latest Tamil and Telugu movies, videos, and tv shows using Amazon Prime video.

5) TodayPK Movie:

site to watch south indian movie

TodayPK.watch is another great alternative to Einthusan that offers Hindi-related content. On the website, you will be able to watch Hindi Dubbed Movies, Telugu, Nepalese, Pakistani, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada movies. Because of this, it is considered a perfect alternative to Einthusan. The most amazing thing about this website is that you can also download movies from TodayPK movies apart from watching them online. Moreover, the website is also frequently updated therefore, you can be sure you are seeing the latest movies to stream or download.

6) Yesmovies.gg

yes movies

Yesmovies.gg is a perfect website for you all those who are fond of watching famous Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and Malayalam movies. It is one of the most suitable alternatives for einthusan. The website has a friendly user interface and covers up to almost 13 different regional languages which you can search and stream online. One of the loopholes of this website is that there’s no adblocker. Therefore, you’ll be facing a number of pop-ups. Furthermore, one can also lodge a request to the website in uploading the movies of their own choice. The Yesmovies.gg does not offer you movies on instant release. So the user will have to wait for five to seven days before watching the movie.

7) SonyLiv:

sony liv

SonyLiv is one of the most famous websites to watch South Asian movies. In addition to that, it is also a great alternative to Einthusan. Moreover, SonyLiv also offers a vast collection of TV Series. Given the collection, you can watch the movies for free at SonyLiv. As compared to einthusan, the website has a decent user interface and compilation of movies. We can say that there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t enjoy watching south Indian movies, Hindi movies, and TV series.

8) Hindilinks4u:


Hindilinks4u is another great alternative to Einthusan for streaming South Asian movies.  The platform has a combination of old and latest movies. Each week, a number of movies are uploaded on the platform. This platform hosts a huge collection of Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies. Along with the movies, you can also search for biographies and watch the newest documentaries. There’s also an option of exploring the movies by choosing the favorite actress or actor name. Furthermore, Hindilinks4u offers more than one server option. Hence, if you find it hard in searching then shift to another server for an improved experience.

9) Box TV:

box tv

BoxTV is another great alternative to the einthusan platform. The box TV platform provides a wide range of films and TV shows which are similar to Einthusan Hindi Movies and Einthusan Tamil movies. Apart from that, users can also enjoy Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Kannada, Urdu, and Malayalam films. The best thing is that all of the available movies are completely free to watch.  Furthermore, the website also allows you to sort the movies by Genre. You can also enjoy a number of TV shows online through the BOX TV website.

10) Hungama:

similar to einthusan

Hungama platform is another great alternative for einthusan. This website is particularly designed for Indiana movies. Most people think that this website only offers music, however, there are separate sections for movies and TV shows. In the movie section, you can stream Indian movies, along with some other foreign movies that are dubbed in Hindi. However, there is a subscription plan due to which it has got a low ranking on this list. But still, there are a few free movies you can watch on the website. Of course, TV shows ain’t left out as Hungama offers an array of TV shows for you to enjoy.

Categories Offered by the Einthusan platform:

All of the Einthusan alternatives have their library which is comprised of several movies of various categories. Initially, you can only watch the movies you see on the homepage. All of these websites align the movies into different categories such as language and types. So some of the categories offered by these website are as follows:

  • Sports
  • Vampire
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Love
  • Romance
  • War
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Children


The aforementioned article is made after hours of research work. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do tell us in the comment section.


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