5 Best English Novels To Read in 2020

Must Reads!

As a bookworm, I often search for ‘the best novels to read’ or ‘the best book to read’. So, today I decided to share my list of top 5 English novels which are my personal favourites, also these are bestselling novels and surely you will like them too.

They involve the genres of adventurous novels, sad novels, romantic novels, tragic novels, motivating novels and an amalgamation of all of the human emotions. I personally don’t like detective novels or humorous novels but will try them for sure one day. For now, enjoy my list!

1. The Kite Runner By Khalid Hosseini

5 Best English Novels To Read

Khalid Hosseini; an Afghan writer sure dips his pen in the pain his heart aches with for the destruction of his country and with it paints his pages in the most heart-touching manner.

The kite runner is a tale of two afghani brothers, sharing a unique bond of love and compassion which they themselves were unaware of, but revived by the attack of an external enemy; The USA and Taliban. The story holds emotions of regret, love and brotherhood at every inch of it and unfolds mysteries at every step. Mere words cannot describe the exalted standard and pious intentions behind this book.

2. Forty Rules Of Love By Elf Shafak

5 Best English Novels To Read
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Elf Shafak beautifully narrates the story of two ancient saints Shams and Tabraiz, explaining their unique bond of love and compassion in relation to spirituality. The story then shifts from the past to the modern times where the tales of the saints pave a path for a housewife to leave everything behind and search for true love she longed for.

3. The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

5 Best English Novels To Read
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The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote this novella Le’ Petit Prince(Later translated in English as The Little Prince). The book is supposedly a mere fiction but it holds secrets of the world and discusses phenomenons as complex as Death and Immortality, Love and Pain.

“You run the risk of weeping a little if you let yourself get tamed”-Le Petit Prince. Where the word tamed is used in the reference of developing associations.

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4. Veronica Decides To Die By Paulo Coelho

5 Best English Novels To Read
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I would say it is indeed an anti-depressant as a whole. It not only cures depression but gives reasons and justifications to live life beautifully and to your full potential. If you are somewhat depressed and want to boost yourself up this is the right book for you

5. A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khalid Hosseini

5 Best English Novels To Read
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Two intermingling tales of two women from Afghanistan who’s lives are a lesson for us and later, after their country is captured, their bravery and strength serves as a role model for all women and men. I haven’t ever read such a heart-wrenching story before. It is a tragedy, which women are meant to survive and yet bloom.


My favourite writer is Khalid Hosseini, and I love all of his work. My heart bleeds for his country as well because I see my nation Pakistan so close in culture and traditions to Afghanistan. I can only hope that we don’t meet a similar fate. Let me know what you think of my list of top novels.

Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.
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