5 Best Video Games of 2019 for PS4

A list of the 5 best video games of the year is never easy to narrow down, however 2019 seemed to be particularly difficult. There wasn’t a single hit leading the talk, games along the lines of Zelda’s Legend: Breath of the Wild or God of War that seemed to be on the list of everyone. That doesn’t mean it’s been a bad year for games. The depth and breadth of the titles is imprecise. 

Here is list of 5 best video games of 2019 for PS4


5 best Video games of 2019

Baba Is You are both sweet and confusingly smart. The puzzle game starts by asking the player (you) to push a little white rabbit (Baba) to a golden flag (win!), overcoming virtual standard obstacles such as walls, water, locked doors, and rocks. 

Nevertheless, the trick is that all of these symbols are random. There is no logical reason for “you” to be Baba instead of a wall, for a door to be opened with a key rather than a rock, or for the flag to mean victory instead of instant death. So to complete each level, you need to rewrite its rules on the fly by moving words around the screen, ignoring the seemingly intuitive connections between objects and their purpose. 



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Throughout Devil May Cry 5, there is a scene where one of the leather-clad heroes raises a motorcycle, rips it in half, and uses these pieces as weapons to destroy supernatural monsters. What else do you really need to know? 

DMC5 is in its purest form a modern action game. It’s perfectly linear and straightforward. Your goal is always clear: to destroy all the bad guys. So you move on to the next location when you’re through to take on even more enemies. But that doesn’t mean that it’s boring. DMC5 is painfully stylish, with a fast and exciting battle that puts the emphasis on looking good. You’re also ranked on your style at the end of each level.  


Resident Evil 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) 

5 best video games of 2019

Resident Evil 2’s creators were so indebted to the work of the producer of “Night of the Living Dead,” George A. Romero, that they invited the filmmaker to promote the game in 1998. Twenty-one years later, technological advances gave us this reboot that somehow escapes the army of clichés flowing through it. 

You play as a rookie cop who arrives to find his city smoldering and his people freshly un-dead for his first day of work. This is a game about handling a lack of resources, unlike the power fantasies that clutter the medium; every bullet and herb healing matters. The arrival of Mr X, an enemy of Goliath who stumbles around the police station in order to foil your plans and lifts the tension. It ranked among the 5 best video games of 2019.



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Hidetaka Miyazaki, who heads the Tokyo-based publisher From Software, has not exercised much influence on the video game industry in the past decade. Miyazaki’s games, including Dark Souls and Bloodborne, have a reputation as violent, difficult, and opaque. Sekiro, where you work in seventeenth-century Japan as a lone assassin, is fully aligned with that tradition. 

In the spirit of movies like the “Lady Snowblood” by Toshiya Fujita or the “Sanjuro” by Akira Kurosawa, this is a world that juxtaposes the elegance of autumn leaves with the brutality of arterial blood spurts. There are no shortcuts to victory; in the relentless David-versus-Goliath face-offs of the game, only gritty determination can yield results. Some players are defeated and walk away. For those who want to preserve, the sense of accomplishment is unrivaled    .  


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order is an action-adventure game produced and released by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn entertainment. It was released on November 15, 2019 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set in the world of Star Wars, five years after the movie Star Wars: Episode III–Revenge of the Sith and 14 years before Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope, led by a young Jedi Padawan named Cal Kestis as he is being hunted through the galaxy by  the Galactic Empire. The game received generally favorable reviews through out this year.  

These games ranked among 5 best video games of 2019.

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