Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps in the AppStore

Apple has a lot of poential in the field of augmented reality. Allthogh at this point, AR experiences are not as polished as Apple has got you believed. Basically, its going to take many more efforts and work to make sure it does not take too long to detect a flat surface. But it will be very soon possible due to the developers’ endless struggle to figure out how best to avail themselves of the new technology. Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps in the AppStore.

Here is a handful of inspiring glimpses of how AR could eventually rewrite the ways in which we will be able to transform reality through our smartphones.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps in the AppStore


This app includes a library of animated 3D graphics accompanied by text explaination of how certain objects function. After selecting a tutorial, such as “How a Car Works,” the app will scan your surroundings for a flat surface that it can virtually place the car on. Once it’s done this, you can tap to zoom-in on the car, then rotate it to view it from any angle.


ARKit apps like TapMeasure clarifies why smartphones are about to become essential tools for digital measurement.

TapMeasure is a simple app in which you just have to tap the button that appears on screen to set your starting point, move your phone along the surface you want to measure, then press the button again to set your end point. The app uses the iPhone’s camera to make measurements.

Fitness AR

Fitness AR is an app that creates a 3D map of paths you have logged in the app so that you can visualize runs and bike routes in 3D. It is used in helping athletes who want to enhance their performance by studying the terrain on previous routes.

Vuforia Chalk

With Vuforia Chalk, you can share your phone’s view of something with someone else to discuss a problem, say which button to push on a remote so that you can note down the screen to pass along or comment on directions in real time.


Using Quartz you can see certain stories’ content in augmented reality. Lets say a 3D graphic of the car, which viewer can then examine from multiple perspectives.

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