5 Tips to Teach Children with Autism Disorder

Autism is a big thing and I didn’t know about it until I watched a Pakistani Drama which highlighted this disorder and brought awareness to me to write on it. Upon watching the drama, where Bhola is an autism kid I was more curious to know what this disease actually is and later on when I understood it, I wanted to know what can be done to accept such kids in our society and how to each Children with Autism Disorder. So before we go into any further details, let’s understand what Autism Disorder is?


“Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication”

There are many subtypes of autism but the most common one is our society is genetic and environmental factors. Every Autism person has to witness different challenges. Most of the Autism patients needs too much support for someone in their daily lives. All children are unique however kids with Autism spectrum disorder needs extra guidance and support as they are a little bit slower than the kids of their age and are less adaptive.

Whether you are a parent or teacher, you need to know the needs of autism child and how to help them learn new things.

Teach Children with Autism Disorder in Five Steps:

Below mentioned are the five steps that can help children having Autism:

  • Create Scheduled Environment:

Children with Autism are able to learn better if provided with the structural environment or a proper routine. Try to make very fewer deviations in their schedule for making things easier for them. Plan the lessons in such a way that kids already knows what is done, what is left, and when it will be completed and what is coming next.

  • Use Easy Communication:

As discussed above, children with this disorder are a little slow to understanding so they might not understand the language you are using, so use simple words. Easy communication will help them to learn more things. There are some centers, who are helping autism children having low speech with sign languages. If your child is using a tablet, computer or any other portable device, you need to hold their hands and press their fingers on the designated button with a sound. In this way, they will learn the sound, alphabet and get confidence to do things on their own.

  • Encourage social Interactions:

Such kids, usually are less talkative and don’t want to go to gathering knowing that they are not like other kids. The children might not be interested while interacting with people however you have to teach them communication skills and at the same time bring confidence in them that they are the best. You can use many conversational apps that can help children learn the facial expressions.

  • Use Visual Aids:

It is the most important step for making learning easier for your artist kid. You can use line drawings, photographs, picture cards and stickers in their daily activities. Moreover, online tutorial videos can also be used as your kids will absorb more while watching rather than you keep on yelling them the same thing.

  • Keep in View Sensory Issues:

People with autism are oversensitive to sensory stimuli even when we do not notice it. Maybe they will hate a perfume you apply, any lightings and sound of electrical appliances. These things lead them away from learning. You need to be extra vigilant and provide such children with sensory tools so that they can reduce the discomfort.

Moreover, I want to ask everyone who is reading the blog that please be nice to these specially abled kids. Do not make fun of them and do not make them the target of sexual harassment. They are very fragile and please help their parents rather than hurting them by making fun of their children.

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