5 Top-Most Emerging IT Trends in 2019

5 Top technology trends to keep an eye on!!

In this technology-driven world, it feels like people are more connected to gadgets than to other people. Here are 5 emerging IT trends for 2019.

A rise in 3D Printing

5 Top-Most Emerging IT Trends in 2019
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It is shown from research (sculpteo) that most of the assisting developers, designers, and engineers are moving from prototyping to low-volume production using 3D printers for their work.

The well-known companies including Nike, HP are adopting this trend. They are struggling with the launch of 3D printers. When it comes to the cost of a 3D printer, it is fairly expensive. The rise in 3D printing is expected in the future.

Augmented Reality in the Limelight

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Top-notched IT brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, etc. are infusing Augmented Reality into their inventions. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated that augmented reality can reshape our lives and living standards. According to rumors, Apple is more likely to release AR headsets by 2020, which will have its display. Microsoft Hololens, a perfect example of AR has already launched at the beginning of this year.

Augmented and Virtual reality is trending and we might see lots of smart gadgets this year.

Edge Computing Sloping Upwards

5 Top-Most Emerging IT Trends in 2019
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Cloud computing means shared resources over the internet. The user can store anything over cloud storage regardless of geographical boundaries. After cloud computing, edge computing is drawing everyone’s attention. Cloud Computing is not a thing anymore. Previously, data gathered from smart devices were stored in cloud storage.

The cloud storage will not be enough for storing records in the future as there are more generated data. Therefore, edge computing will enable more data efficiency. It allows data to be handled where it was created. Data processed at the edge of the network consumes less time. Thus, ending the hassle of sending data to suitable data centers. As no data center is required, it means no or less data is traveling.  However, edge computing is not at all replacing cloud computing. It is for those organizations where data gathering is large.

However, cloud computing and edge computing will work in parallel.

Self-Driven Cars

5 Top-Most Emerging IT Trends in 2019
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Soon, time will come when there will be no need for drivers. Driver-less cars are the major entry this year. It is more likely to launch in Europe first. The testing phase is still going on. A famous rideshare company, Uber has made a deal with three Japanese investors; Toyota, Denso and Softbank’s Vision Fund.

However, it is difficult to design algorithms according to human perception, cognition, and artificial intelligence. For instance, if a car has to change a lane, and there are two bikers. One with helmet and one without a helmet. Which one it will choose if there’s a risk of an accident? An algorithm should design to keep safety in view. it has to choose helmet one, as there are fewer chances for injuries.

Software engineers and IT technicians are working on it. Let us see how this goes!!

A Year for Artificial Intelligence

5 Top-Most Emerging IT Trends in 2019
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This year, the center point of attraction is Artificial Intelligence. AI makes a computer system to work as a human. Everything, from handling finances to reforming education styles, AI plays the role. AI is complex but it is undeniable. Due to increased adaptiveness of AI, information processing is faster.

AI can be easily implemented in our real lives. For example, the AI’s powered face recognition system helps to arrest thieves, AI’s supported traffic management and driverless cars are not less than a blessing on roads. Hence, there is no limit for AI applications. All we need is a handsome amount of money for implementation as these systems are quite expensive.

For now, these are the emerging trends this year. They all have great daily life applications.

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