5 ways to Protect your Eyes when Using Digital Devices

Digital devices are a blessing, and they have no doubt made our lives easier. However, with every good thing, there come disadvantages which cannot be denied. All the digital devices, including mobile, laptop and television screens, tablets, etc. play an important role in our lives. However it gets difficult to protect your eyes from them due to excessive usage.

Protect your Eyes Today for better Tomorrow

Now every member of the home owns each of these devices, which means you need to multiply its hazards with the number of devices you have at home. In my previous articles, I have mentioned the health hazards of it on children and elders as well. However, this blog will mainly focus on how these devices are affecting our eyesight’s and putting a strain on it.

As these devices are part of our lives, so it isn’t possible that we stop using them abruptly; however, we can adopt some ways to protect our eyes when using these digital devices.

Using digital devices can cause these dangers to our eyes:

Due to unnecessary use of mid-distance vision causes computer vision syndrome. Less blinking of the eye causes dry eye disease increased risk of Myopia and the risks associated with high and medium myopia. Digital devices carrying the Blue spectrum light effect eye badly.

How to protect our eyes from digital devices?

To save your eyes from screen strain, follow the famous 202020 rule. For this rule you need to follow three steps:

After every 20 minutes-

  •  Take 20 seconds break
  • Stare at anything that is 20 feet away from you.

Save yourself by dry eyes disease by taking these precautionary measures:

  • Work on laptops/desktop that has reduced brightness
  • Download apps that can remind you of small breaks so that you can follow the 202020 rule.
  • While you are on break, opt for blinking exercise.

Precautionary Measures to Reduce Eye Strain:

  •  Adjust the light of your room in such a way that there is no less or excessive light in your room
  • Select the new model of monitor
  • To include some distance between yourself and device, go for glasses or contact lenses

Blue Light- How to save your eyes from this harmful spectrum:

  •  Blue light blocking lenses are available in the market. GO for a blue light lens that can prevent a higher percentage of light.
  • GO for a screen protector for your laptop or mobile that will reduce blue light.


If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, balance your screen time with every one hour screen time followed by the one-hour outdoor time.

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