will Soon Launch BEST OF KARACHI

The wait is about to get over., Pakistan’s top mobile and online food ordering platform is preparing to launch BEST OF KARACHI campaign at the onset of New Year – as an entertaining surprise for Karachiites to re-ignite their love for some of the best Biryani, Kebabs and Nihari in the city.

Watch this glimpse from soon to be released Best of Karachi to get your taste buds excited:

Best Of Karachi is a series of candid visual experience, formed around some of the best Desi cuisine eateries there are in the city to offer delicious traditional food. However, the reachability to these restaurants has not been exploited to full capacity due to lack of awareness amongst people on both sides of the bridge.

With this series, Karachiites are guaranteed to learn about new Desi eateries and will want to try them out. Luckily, as always being the most convenient and reliable solution for hunger pangs, has made the menus of these eateries mentioned in the campaign, live. So you will not have to wait and risk your time out in the gruesome traffic conditions of Karachi. Enjoy them indoors without getting involved in the hassle of travelling long distance!

Omair Bakhsh, Brand Manager explains why Best Of Karachi is important in reshaping our cravings for traditional food:

“A massive pool of Desi gems in Karachi is still undiscovered by the people on either side of bridge. Mainly because they resort to ordering from eateries that are popular in their locality or mostly because it is inconvenient to regularly travel long distances to try out new dining options. Plus, the prevailing traffic conditions of Karachi, it would be a smarter choice to remain indoors when can bring home exactly the same dining experience. Best of Karachi tends to do that by presenting new Desi eateries to order from, in a very entertaining manner.”

Restaurants featured in BEST OF KARACHI:

Here’s a list of all the restaurants featured in BEST OF KARACHI:


  1. Javed Nihari
  2. Zahid Nihari
  3. Sabir
  4. Nihari Inn
  5. Noon Sey Nihari
  6. Mumtaz


  1. Student Biryani
  2. BOTS – Biryani of The Seas
  3. White Biryani
  4. Madni
  5. Biryani Center
  6. Premier
  7. Jeddah


  1. Waheed Kebab House
  2. Zameer Ansari
  3. Ghaffar
  4. Meerath
  5. Karachi Food Center
  6. Bundoh Khan
  7. Cholu Kabab
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