6 Years Old YouTuber buys $8m property

Nowadays, social media platforms are not only the source of entertainment, but also they can help you earn a good amount of money. Be it, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, people are earning loads of money. However, the best and the most effective one among this is YouTube which allows you to engage the audience in the best possible way. Some days back we have come across the most inspirational 6 Years old YouTuber, who earned so much that she purchased a multi-million dollar five-story property in Seoul.

The YouTuber belong to South Korean and is six years old only.  Named Borum, the girl had two YouTube channels. One was for toy reviews and the other one for different videos. Both YouTube channels are loved by children of different ages and have over 30 million subscribers.

6 Years Old YouTuber has two YouTube Channels with 30mn Subscribers

The best thing is the small child who is just six years old has bought a five stories building. The parents of the child have set up a company named Boram Family Company, from which 9.5 billion Korean transactions are made. The video which gained too much popularity was the one in which child was eating instant noodles which were made by using a kitchen set.

However, some of her videos were also disliked by many parents such as the one in which she stole money as people think this might impact young minds in the wrong way. Well, that is another thing but to me, a child earning money is very motivational. It not only opens a new way for other children who can bring something new for people.

I believe as far as the video does not post any harmful content for anyone, they are fine and one should use these platforms to make their lives better.

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