7 European Countries File GDPR Complaints Against Google’s Location Tracking

Consumer agencies in the seven European countries have asked privacy regulators to take action against Google’s Location Tracking. These countries include Netherlands, Poland and five other European Union countries. They have filed GDPR Complaints about tracking the movements of millions of users.

In the United States, Google is already facing a lawsuit for tracking phone users regardless of privacy settings. According to the BEUC, Google is using “deceptive practices” in order to encourage users to enable the settings ‘location history’ and ‘web and app activity’. No doubt the situation is more than alarming.

7 European Countries File GDPR Complaints Against Google’s Location Tracking

BEUC, speaking on behalf of the countries’ consumer groups, said:

“These unfair practices leave consumers in the dark about the use of their personal data. These practices are not compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as Google lacks a valid legal ground for processing the data in question. In particular, the report shows that users’ consent provided under these circumstances is not freely given,”

Not only Google is facing a major GDPR complaint but the Irish data privacy commissioner also said that it will investigate Facebook over a security breach that affected 29 million accounts. Google spokesman said that we are working to improve our controls constantly.

Google and Facebook have often faced the scrutiny of European regulators over privacy shortcomings.


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