8 Dangerous Android Apps That Needs to be Deleted

A warning has been issued and a precaution needs to be practiced by all the android users, as 8 apps are banned and removed from Google Play Store by Google. All the android users are being urged to double check their devices and delete those 8 or any of the those apps that is downloaded by the user. those app are reported to be hiding the dangerous Joker malware. The Police in Belgium has confirmed that Google has deleted eight apps from its Play Store. Those app namely being:
  • Auxiliary Message
  • Element Scanner
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free CamScanner
  • Go Messages
  • Super Messages
  • Great SMS
  • Travel Wallpapers

These apps when once installed into the device, the Joker malware comes into action by further installing hidden spyware and premium dialers into the device, which further works from their own by signing up to different plans of monthly expensive subscriptions. some of the effected victims have reported that other than their normal monthly subscriptions they have paid an extra £240 of a year to all these “Joker Malware Subscriptions”

The Belgium police on their website has posted the clear warning that the Joker virus has returned to the Android environment; it has been seen in eight different Play Store Apps, which are withdrawn by Google, but if someone has them installed before they were taken down they should remove them without delay as soon as possible.

According to the researchers of Quick Heal Security Lab which is a cybersecurity company, the latest version of the Joker virus gains access to the users’ device text messages, contact and to a lot of other personal information. Like its predecessors it can also subscribe the device user to many paid subscriptions which the users comes to know about at the end of the month when their bank account or credit card statement shows the increased incurred cost.

The Joker virus was first surfaced back in 2019 and it was tackled accordingly but now it has recently resurfaced quiet dramatically and is back in action. This time the security researchers have expressed fear in regard to the Joker Virus; as according to them, they have noticed the hidden presence of the Virus in a lot more than just those 8 apps.

One can hope that the iOS users are safe from the Joker virus. The iOS providers should double and triple their security and also scrutinize the different apps that are being offered on their platform. As the recent Joker virus has evolved and become more potent as compared to its earlier version, there is a good chance that it can even infect and hide in more trusted and more used apps.

It is of great concern that when the virus can access the personal information which further if misused , crimes like Identity Theft, impersonations are bound to be at peak. Getting access to a single app on the user device is just the tip of the hidden submerged ice-berg.

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