8 Tech Predictions from Qualcomm’s Chairman Paul Jacobs

Qualcomm Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company that designs and advertise wireless telecommunications products and services. It gets most of its dividend from chip-making and the aggregate of its earning from patent licensing businesses. 

In a recent interview to CNET team that went to watch the filming of Qualcomm’s Invent-Off competition, the former CEO of Qualcomm Paul Jacobs brief them about the technology predictions for coming years.

At present Mr. Jacobs is the Executive Chairman of Qualcomm Inc. He handed over the CEO job to Steve Mollenkopf in 2014.

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8 Tech Predictions from Qualcomm’s Chairman Paul Jacobs

During this casual discussion, Jacobs focuses on scrutinizing the future rather being pessimistic about Qualcomm’s stock price and monetary outcomes. Some of the indicators listed by Jacobs are as follow:

  • Phones could be manufactured by big fashion brands & non-tech companies

We witness a wide range of watches of different brands. If you take a look at the phone industry, there’s one brand that emerges as the fashion brand. Fashion brands and non-tech companies are expected to make phones.

  • You can have phones devoted to certain parts of Your Life

Jacobs is of the view that different phones will be introduced for various purposes. There’s a trend already that smartwatches are going to be more full phones. Other phones will look more like glasses, watches, something hanging on your neck, belt, wallet.

  • In VR, you’ll not only see things but feel them as well

Think about watching a football game. There’s no sense of what it would feel like running back going through huge guys wanting to horde you. Jacob reveals that in the future we should be able to make you feel that. If we can correlate real world sentiments with what’s going on in virtual environments that would be impressive.

  • Digital stylists to dress your avatar

Jacobs reveals that technology has come a long way. He indicates that maybe there will be digital stylists to dress avatars in the coming time. If people are eager to use a digital puppet of themselves, what will they like to be? This could lead towards a new job that’s a digital stylist.

  • Small satellites to deliver better cell signals

Qualcomm has invested in a company called OneWeb. Almost 700 satellites are to be established. They’re smaller and lighter and will stop providing back-haul connectivity from a cell site to the remaining network. Qualcomm will introduce a test satellite soon.

  • Tech will help you find out you’re about to get sick before it happens

In the near future people will get to know about the disease beforehand, says Jacobs. Technology will make this possible. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you don’t have your health, that’s the most significant thing in your life. We have to evaluate how to do that better.

  • AI Might let us put human-like machines where people can’t go

Many people talk about using machine intelligence to do things human beings already do. There could be a small machine intelligence sitting and witnessing what the machine is doing. Jacobs is interested in putting something where a person can’t go, like security in a phone.

  • IoT devices may think like insects

Jacobs reveals that insect hardly have neurons in their brain, still they can do sophisticated things. So if IoT devices think like insects they can do wonders. Small amounts of computation can help you do wonderful things.

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