A Look Back at the Best Technologies by Apple

iPhone 6 was the first Apple Big handset. A handset that needed both hands while texting or surfing. iPhone 6 series brought many firsts times in smartphone technologies; namely the 4K camera, Live Photos, and 3D touch. In the recent iPhones, we have the 4K video, Live Photos but the 3D touch is no more. In this post, we will shed some light on the Apple 3D-Touch technology.

When 3D Touch Started

The 3D touch was first introduced by Apple in their Watch, in the year September 2014. The logic behind the launch of the 3D was that the Apple Watch is a small device and thus has a small display. Navigating in the small display was a bit difficult so to make it easy, the company introduced access via some hidden buttons on the interface i.e. touches with more pressure.

Soon the Force Touch technology was made part of the iPhones. iPhone 6s was the first ever model to have the “3D-Touch” display. The Watch display was equipped with pressure sensors. Those sensors were sensitive to the touch intensity. Apple labeled this technology as “Force Touch”. This technology was later added to MacBook instead of a mechanical trackpad button.

Use of Apple 3D-Touch in iPhone

The 3D touch was used to quickly make some changes in the app icons. The icons used to be pressed hard. And if the app was pressed a little harder the app was fully opened. Press and hold gestures also worked in the notifications, phone numbers along with some iOS game controls.

Apple’s Description of 3D-Touch Tech

In Apple’s words, they were the pioneers in the Multi-Touch which changed the life of technology forever. With the 3D Touch, the device senses the pressure asserted on the screen and accordingly responds. And it gives real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all-new “Taptic Engine”.

In 2018, Apple iPhone 10 or X series was launched with 3D-Touch. While the iPhone XR which was the cheaper version was equipped with “Haptic Touch”. Next year i.e. 2019, the iPhone 11 series was without the 3D Touch.

Reasons for “No” Apple 3D-Touch

No solid or logical reason can be found for the discontinuation of the 3D-Touch in the iPhone 11 series or the others that came after. The complexity and the cost of producing displays with force pressure sensors could be one of the factors to end this technology, but there are a few others too, below are some reasons that we think could be the reason.

  • Lack of proper promotion of the 3D-Touch Technology. Many Tech-Geeks were not aware of this technology or if they knew they did not know the full use of the touch.
  • The company never made it clear to their users of how to use this 3D Touch. No user manual or iPhone setup showed any information about the actual use of the 3D Touch.

With a lack of know-how, the demand for the 3D Touch never surfaced, thus no developers ever showed any interest in the tech and soon Apple stopped caring about it.

With the recent releases, it seems that the 3D-Touch is no more as in the iPhone 13 series does not have this feature. For now, Force Touch lives on Apple’s trackpads, but we are not sure for how much longer.

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