A New Emoji Will Surface to Express the Dismay of 2020

The year 2020 was challenging. Wildfire smoke has engulfed the West Coast; hundreds of thousands have been struck by the ongoing pandemic. For those not directly affected, the understanding of the continuing crises has become a sort of psychic attack, challenging the limitations of what we could express. Fortunately, a brand new emoji has been approved by the Unicode Consortium to show the dismay of 2020.

A New Emoji Will Surface to Express the Dismay of 2020

They probably will not reach your phone till 2021, but they are clearly affected by the anarchy of 2020, while it’s “face exhaling” (clearly exhausted), “Face in Clouds” , or “heart on fire” (self-explanatory).

Google emoji head, Jennifer Daniel said,

I’m particularly taken by the “face with spiral eyes” emoji.

Also called “face-unwell” (mood), the proposal incorporated suggested keywords such as “oh no,” “trouble,” “whoa,” and “yikes” (also mood). These keywords could be used to trigger the new emoji. The general shorthand is very clear, especially from the anime examples incorporated as part of the document. The spiral eyes of the new emoji means “dizzy, hypnotized, or generally overwhelmed to the point of no longer being in control of one’s actions or capable of perceiving the world”.

In part, it is intended to resolve a conflict in how different platforms translate the”x eyes” emoji because Google and Microsoft have been interpreting emoji as spiral-eyed for quite a while now. However, it’s also an expression of the deeper incomprehensibility of the previous six weeks, as societal isolation curdles along with also a surreal pageant of domestic and international tragedies unfolds. Thus in 2020, all of us have spiral eyes.

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