A Phone App Served Up Imran Khan’s Pakistan Poll Win

PTI used the database and the app that brought a huge change in the traditional way in which Pakistan’s biggest parties conduct elections. PTI did not disclose a word about the technology plan ahead of the July 25 poll. The party was fearing that rivals could copy it. Now it has revealed that how a Phone App Served Up Imran Khan’s Pakistan Poll Win.

Several party workers disclosed that how the app transformed their election campaign and gave them an edge.

How a Phone App Served Up Imran Khan’s Pakistan Poll Win

According to Reuters, a phone app and a database of more than 50 million voters were key weapons in the successful campaign of PTI in last month’s general election. Rivals parties claim that Imran Khan also received support from Pakistan’s powerful military.

The phone app got successful in getting supporters to the polls, however on other hand the government’s own telephone information service giving out polling place locations suffered major problems on election day. That in a result leaves other parties scrambling.

Before the elections, Khan sent out a video via WhatsApp urging PTI candidates to embrace CMS.

Imran Khan also said in a video:

“I have seen and experienced how it works and I’m using it in all five constituencies I am contesting, The faster you apply this system, the easier your life will become,”

Amir Mughal, who was tasked with using the app and database, said that It’s had a great impact. Party workers said they used scanning software to digitize publicly-available electoral voter lists to create the database.

How it works?

By typing identity card number of voters into the app, PTI workers could see all the details of voters that include the basic information such as family home address, who else lived in the same household, and where they can go to vote.

No doubt it was such a great action taken by PTI to ensure their victory. It is a paradigm shift.

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