A Submarine Cable Fault Disrupts Internet Services in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing some internet disruptions for the past couple of months mainly because of a problem with submarine cables. Last month, the internet services were suspended because of a malfunction in the international submarine CVM 4 cable. It was later fixed and services were retrieved successfully. However, since yesterday, once again many users around the country are experiencing slow-speed internet. According to PTA, another fault in one of the international underwater cables, the SMW4, has been witnessed. Consequently, it has slowed down internet services across the country.

A Submarine Cable Fault Disrupts Internet Services in Pakistan

Furthermore, PTCL has also informed ISPs across the country that disruption on one of the international upstream networks has occurred once again.

Standard procedures to provide internet users with uninterrupted internet connections have failed so far. The eastbound traffic is hardly affected because of the uncertain problems that have yet to be repaired. As the majority of the traffic to and from Pakistan goes via India and Singapore, the impact may be bigger than usual.

According to PTA, the country’s total bandwidth capacity has been decreased by approximately 20% as a result of the recent outage. Though the situation is being scrutinized by the relevant authorities, PTA has asked PTCL to increase capacity on other cables in order to minimize degradation.

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Still, internet users around the country will expect glitches and slower internet connections till the issue is fully resolved. However, officials have not provided a specific time for the submarine cable’s restoration, and it might take hours, days, or even weeks before it is fully operational again.

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