Aakash India’s affordable Tablet PC Finally Hits the Shelves

DataWind is a leading development company famous for developing wireless web access products and producing web delivery platforms. It recently launched the world’s first low cost tablet PC called Aakash (meaning Sky) in India. This tablet PC costs 2250 Indian rupees inclusive of all tariffs and freight charges. This Tablet PC has the Android 2.2 (froyo) operating system with 366 MHz HD Video Co-Processor. Aakash Tablet PC has a 7inch  touch screen and is the only PC which runs DataWind Ubisurfer web browser based on 18 international patents. This web browser accelerates the web pages by 10x to 30x, allowing the web experience to be satisfactory . This device can support 3G services and contains Wi-Fi . It supports USB 2.0 which means low peripheral devices like Mouse Keyboard, USB stick or any other USB devices like Webcam etc. It has a microSD slot capable of supporting 32 GB of memory and has the ability to make and receive voice calls. One of the key features that come with the “Aakash PC” is the leather case for the keyboard which not only protects the PC but also helps in typing fast thus making it similar to a Notebook.

The launch by DataWind in India proved to be a success. The government of India initially ordered 100,000 units to be produced which was followed by 200,000 units with a reduction in the actual price. The Government intends to deliver 10 millions units to post secondary students at price of 1750 Rupees per unit. There are other world leading manufactures like Qualcomm and Apple. Both of them have also recently launched their Tablet PCs. Qualcomms latest Tablet PC is based on the MSM7227 chipse and on the 2.2 Android Operating system with its Snapdragon 800Mhz processor. Giving it absolute performance against Aakash Tablet PC and same is true for Apple iPad 2. The main reason of Aaka,sh Tablet PC’s huge success is a low price factor which is way below the price of the Apple iPad 2, which costs around 600US$ and the Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset Tablet PC that costs 240US$.

Pakistan is another potential platform for a profit gaining market for DataWinds Aakash tablet PC because both of these countries have almost similar levels of income and if these Tablet PCs are imported by Pakistan from India it will result in a huge success for DataWind. Also to keep in mindm other well known competitors like Qualcomm and Apple will also have huge success if they too launched their low cost tablet PCs in Pakistan as well as other countries of the third world.

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