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[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1] research was held in America about smartphone users and their general behavior with their devices. It stated that how Americans put their phones in danger and how far they would go to save them.


First aspect was how people get their phones damaged and lost. Two out of five Americans have had their smartphones lost, broken or stolen. Smartphones sure are precious cargo and when we lose them, it’s a sad day.


Data shows that,

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  • 29% smartphone users damage their phones by dropping it on the stairs or on the floor.
  • 29% of the users spill drinks on their smartphones.
  • 20% of the smartphones get dropped in the toilets by their owners.
  • 37% users have the screens of their phones scratched and spoilt.


One out of four parents gets their phones damaged by their own children. It is common phenomenon that parents generally give their phones to the children to listen to ringtones, songs or play games.
Study shows that 35% users get insurance for their devices. It further revealed that 54% of the smartphone users’ population has lost their phones in public places like subway, food outlets or during the mobility in public transportation system like in a bus or a taxi.
This generally happens in Pakistan too. Overcrowded transport system has a major effect in triggering smartphone loss.
23% Americans lost their phones in clubs, pubs and bars. They accidently left their smartphones and other devices in such places.

This research exposed that Americans have a separation anxiety when they don’t have their smartphones around them. They can leave their homes without cash, clothes and necessary items but they simply cannot go out without their smartphones.


Further continuing with the investigation researchers found some interesting facts which showed the engrossment of people with their devices.

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  • 11% of the Americans can forget their pants but not their smartphones.
  • 28% and 29% Americans can leave their homes without credit cards and cash respectively, but they cannot go out without their devices.
  • Women can forget makeup but not their phones at home. Research shows that 55% American women would rather leave home without makeup.
  • Two out of every five Americans start missing their phones after approximately two hours of separation time.
  • Men can live without their phones for a longer time than women. Men take two hours longer than women before they actually start missing their devices.


This research also revealed that to what extent people can go to save their devices – ‘smartphone love’.
Three out of five Americans can do precarious, disgusting and sickening things to save their smartphones.


We are all so obsessed with our phones that we take them with us everywhere including restrooms. In doing so people sometimes get their phones dashed into toilet bowls. 59% can actually reach into a toilet bowl to take their phone out and nearly 63% can actually shuffle through a trash can and garbage to find their phones.


This research showed a comparison between southerners and westerners. 27% of the southerners can get involved into physically fighting to save their phones, while 21% of the westerners would go for such act.

We live an era of smartphones and it has certainly altered our lives completely. Our dependency on gadgets is on an increase, which is making the phones smarter and mankind sharper.

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