ACCA Collaborates with Telenor to Promote Shared Services Among Finance Community

The benefits of standalone shared services and outsourcing are well understood and proven. They typically include cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, improved control, better quality and service levels, and a greater focus on the core business. The global finance outsourcing market size is around $35 billion and is growing annually. ACCA Collaborates with Telenor to Promote Shared Services Among Finance Community.

If Pakistan succeeds in getting a share from the pie, it will help in the creation of around 100,000 accounting jobs in the next few years. Pakistan needs to concentrate on developing a proper eco system of IT and telecom sector supplemented with favorable policies as per global requirements the growth in this sector will be phenomenal.

ACCA Collaborates with Telenor to Promote Shared Services Among Finance Community

Telenor Global Shared Services is the shared services centre of Telenor Pakistan and actively seeks opportunities to drive quality and efficiency improvements across Telenor’s business units worldwide using shared services as a vehicle. Telenor recognizes that finance functions of the future are changing and they will need new ways of operating but most importantly, new ways to leverage learning partnerships.

Speaking at the recently held MoU signing ceremony between the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Telenor GSS Pakistan, Imran Ashraf, CEO Telenor GSS Pakistan said:

“Ten years of collaboration with ACCA speaks for itself. ACCA is a credible organisation and this agreement is an example of a partnership where two organisations will work together for the betterment of the profession. With uncertainty being the new norm, it is important to work together, to gain competencies from partnerships and shared resources to cut costs. For me the real brand is the youth working for Telenor GSS Pakistan and we want to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead.”

Head of ACCA Pakistan, Sajjeed Aslam, highlighted:

“ACCA Pakistan understands that shared services roles have become an attractive career choice for finance professionals. Automation and artificial intelligence sit well within the shared services model and ACCA is working very hard to reposition shared services from back office to hotbed of innovation in Pakistan. Our MoU with TGSS will further promote the acceptance of shared services among finance community as a place they’d desire to work as part of their career plan

According to a recent survey of over 260 shared service leaders by ACCA, 45% of the respondents perceive that a finance shared services leadership role provides the opportunity to develop a long-term career in business operations (shared services or GBS).

Also present at the ceremony was Stuart Dunlop, Regional Director, MENASA Markets, ACCA spoke about the long standing relationship between the two organisations and that both entities had a common vision and objective of promoting shared services so that it will become a mainstream finance function career path in the future.

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