Adobe Inserts AI Tools into its Marketing Software

Recently, the US software company Adobe said that it has inserted a new set of artificial intelligence tools into its digital marketing software with the purpose of assisting companies to improve their marketing campaigns.

The artificial intelligence (AI) features released lately assist in scanning and labelling tens of thousands of product images by colour and shape, or by utilizing natural language processing technology to go through an article to find its subject. Previously, this work was carried out by humans and it used to took a lot of time.

Adobe Inserts AI Tools into its Marketing Software

Priorly famous for apps like Photoshop, Adobe has become one of the largest providers of software for operating such campaigns. Growth in Adobe’s marketing software division has improved the shares of the company by nearly 50% in 2020.

So the new AI addition makes it easier for marketing campaigns to make a recommendation. For example, showing an individual browsing an e-commerce store a pair of shoes similar to ones they have previously seen or a news site suggesting a story on the same subject to the one just read.

This AI technology has been around for many years, but for its utilization it generally required corporate marketing departments to export data from their own systems and work with other division of the business to use thus slowing the work down. Therefore, Adobe has put the technologies directly into the marketing systems, eliminating the need to export data. In an interview, the director of a strategy and product marketing for intelligence services at Adobe, Ali Bohra said,

When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real-time, this is not a process that works very well.

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