After Samsung Note 7, Galaxy S7 Exploded in Canada

Not a good news at all for Samsung, according to a recent news, one more flagship of Samsung Galaxy S7 Exploded in Canada. Surely it is a bad time for Samsung. Recently the company has recalled and then stopped selling all the Note 7 devices. Now its Galaxy S7 turns to explode. An incident took place in Canada where Galaxy S7 exploded during driving.

Galaxy S7 Exploded in Man’s Hand

According to the news, Amarjit Mann of Winnipeg, Manitoba was driving. Suddenly he felt that S7 started heating up in his pocket. As soon as he took it out from the pocket, the phone exploded. It filled the car with smoke and he luckily threw the phone outside the car. He also suffered burns on his hand and wrists. Mann said:

“It should have damaged my whole car. I just saw smoke and nothing else.I should have lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened,”

However, it is not clear up till now that what was the true reason of S7 explosion. Samsung will first investigate the case and then will pass out any statements. S7 customers have to wait up till then be aware while using the phone.

Recently, Samsung has also faced a report of burning Galaxy J5. However, the company is still investigating the case. Now one more complaint of Galaxy S7 explosion has appeared.

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Source: Express Tribune

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