Ahmed Jamal won Rs.1 Million in Ufone – ‘ King of Speed ’

Ahmed Jamal won Rs.1 Million in Ufone – ‘ King of Speed ’

The Grand prize by Ufone – ‘King of Speed’ of Rs.1 Million is won by Ahmed Jamal from Abbottabad. He won by stricking the highest speed of 143 km/h on the final day, where other fast bowling contestants Muhammad Imran from Karachi marked the speed of 136 km/h, whereas, Abdul Ameer and Faisal Yaseen from Faisalabad managed to bowl at the speed of 135 km/h.

[blockquote cite=”Ahmed Jamal”] I am pleased and excited after winning this grand prize and showcasing my talent to an expert like Wasim Akram. Under the supervision of Wasim Akram, I have learned a lot about different techniques used in fast bowling; this camp will help me a lot in the days to come
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[blockquote cite=”Wasim Akram”] I am pleased to see that we have such great fast bowling talent in Pakistan, we just need to find that talent and polish our youngsters. Fast young bowlers like Ahmed Jamal are the future of this country; they can become part of our national team and take Pakistani cricket to new heights of glory

Ufone and PCB had done an incredible job by bringing together young & emerging talent for Pakistan’s cricket and providing them with an opportunity to make their dream come true. By bringing up such healthy activities and useful events in the future will serve great service to Pakistani cricket.

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