Aiman Khan Becomes First Pakistani Celebrity to get 5.9 Million Instagram Followers

Aiman Khan becomes the most followed celebrity from Pakistan when it comes to Instagram. She has now 5.9 million subscribers. Previously the famous movie star and actress, Mahira Khan was on the top by having 5.8 million Instagram followers.

Aiman Khan also has a twin sister Minal Khan who is followed by 4.9 million people on Instagram. Though Aiman is not working in any dramas since the birth of the daughter, it seems her daughter has remained a lucky charm for her. It might also be possible that most people started following her since her marriage which was a big one. Furthermore, with her daughter, the star keeps on sharing cute pictures which are a major source of happiness for people.

Aiman Khan Gets 5.9 Million Instagram Followers

Aimen Khan announced this big news on Instagram by sharing a picture with her baby Amal. She thanked her Instagram fans for this overwhelming response. She captioned the post, “Sending love to all my Insta fam!”

Last year, Mahira became the first Pakistani actor to have reached a 5 million followers milestone on Instagram. These days all the actors are extremely active on social media channels during COVID19. It might be possible these figures will change abruptly depending on the current situation.

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