Airpods Pro next generation might release in 2021

Apple has been known to be designing AirPods Pro next generation for a while now and a new leaks shows that they might arrive in 2021. 

Sometime in the second half of next year Apple could upgrade its noise-cancelling pair of true wireless earbuds. Although this confirms the prediction of longtime analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the second-gen AirPods Pro is in the works, they do not exactly fit the timeline. The next AirPods Pro will hit commercial production between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 which presumably means they will not be launched by Apple until late next year. 

AirPods‘ next line will come fitted with light sensors to allow for a variety of health-focused capabilities. The study goes on to state, without explicitly naming any model, that Apple will start to have these new sensors over the next year or two and that they will be able to keep track of your heart rate, step counts, head movements, and more. 

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty about the launch date for the second-gen AirPod Pro. It’s also suspected that Apple would add over-the-ear headphones to its growing line of audio accessories in the coming year. 

The headphones are also said to be fully customizable with detachable head protection and ear padding. Like with the AirPods, they should also be able to sense when you take them off to pause the playback automatically or conversely. The AirPods Studio is expected to launch at a premium price of $349 some time later this year. 

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