Alas! Podcasts on Spotify have killed the music experience

Spotify is still investing huge in Podcasts

Most people are familiar with Spotify as a music streaming service, but if you’re new to it, you might believe it’s all about podcasts on Spotify. The company is investing heavily on podcasts, but it’s hurting the music experience simultaneously.

Why Podcasts on Spotify are vital part of the app

When Spotify revealed that “The Joe Rogan Experience” would be available exclusively on Spotify earlier this year, it sent shockwaves across the podcast community. This is one of the most valuable podcast deals, with a reported value of over $100 million.

Spotify app

When users aren’t listening to music on Spotify, they’re listening to podcasts on another app. This puts Spotify’s ad-supported free service in jeopardy, as well as a loss of ad income from its free users.

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This implies Spotify requires its customers to spend as much of their digital life in its gated garden as possible. The fastest method for Spotify to accomplish this is to incorporate a podcast streaming feature into its music app and broadcast all accessible podcasts.

The basic version of Spotify is completely free. It gives you unfettered access to the whole library of podcasts and music, but there are certain restrictions. It’s legal and simple to utilize, and many businesses have begun to use the Spotify reseller panel to promote their products.

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