Alibaba Launched Low Cost Amazon’s Echo Competitor Called Tmall Genie

China’s largest eCommerce group, Alibaba has launched a very low cost voice assistant speaker and named it Tmall Genie. Tmall Genie is similar to Amazon’s Echo. Echo was the first in the industry of artificial intelligence when it comes to home devices. Alibaba Launched Low Cost Amazon’s Echo Competitor Called Tmall Genie.

The “Tmall Genie” is named after the company’s e-commerce platform Tmall. It costs 499 yuan which is much cheaper than Amazon and Alphabet Inc’s Google which costs around $120 to $180.

Alibaba Launched Low Cost Amazon’s Echo Competitor Called Tmall Genie

Both these devices functions on voice commands and positively perform tasks such as checking calendars, search for weather reports, change music and control smart home devices. These functions are performed by using internet connectivity and artificial intelligence.

China’s tech firm are striving to be the top globally in in no time have succeeded to become leaders in artificial intelligence. Recently China’s excelling search engine, Baidu has invested handsomely in an artificial intelligence lab in collaboration with Chinese government. They have introduced a device based on its own siri-like “Duer OS” system.

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Currently Tmall Genie is programmed with Mandarin language and is only available in China. It is only activated when a recognized user says “Tmall Genie” in Chinese.

Engineers demonstrated the device by ordering it to buy and deliver Coca Cola, play music and add credit to phone. The AI assistant also activate a smart humidifier and TV. This device is available in black and white combination.

Alibaba is investing heavily in offline store to capitalize on the entire supply chain. However Amazon is adopting same strategies adopted by Amazon. China’s e-Commerce store has recently introduced unstaffed brick-and-motor grocery and coffee shops by using QR codes. Users can scan this code to pay via Alipay app which has 450 million users.

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