Alphabet Sells Robot Dog Company Boston Dynamics to SoftBank

Google-owner Alphabet Inc. has agreed terms for the Boston Dynamics sale, which it had been trying to offload since March 2016. Now Alphabet Sells Robot Dog Company Boston Dynamics to SoftBank. As part of the deal, Softbank also purchased Schaft, a lesser known Alphabet robotics subsidiary. However, the terms of the purchase have not been disclosed yet.

Alphabet Sells Robot Dog Company Boston Dynamics to SoftBank

“We at Boston Dynamics are excited to be part of SoftBank’s bold vision and its position creating the next technology revolution, and we share SoftBank’s belief that advances in technology should be for the benefit of humanity,”

said Marc Raibert, CEO and founder of Boston Dynamics, in a statement.

“We look forward to working with SoftBank in our mission to push the boundaries of what advanced robots can do and to create useful applications in a smarter and more connected world.”

Boston Dynamics, a 25-year-old company and has gained a worldwide reputation as a leader in robotics engineering. Moreover, the company has received funding from the US government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. In its most recent development, the company has designed a jumping unit named Handle that combines both wheels and legs into a “nightmare-inducing robot”. That robot is capable of advanced aerial maneuvers and obstacle avoidance.

In a statement, Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank, said:

“Today, there are many issues we still cannot solve by ourselves with human capabilities. Smart robotics are going to be a key driver of the next stage of the Information Revolution.”

However, it is not clear, yet, whether the acquisition will see Boston Dynamics incorporated into Softbank itself, or left largely independent as part of Vision Fund.

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