Amazon Alexa will be Able to Open Android & iOS Apps Using Voice Commands

Every now and then, we keep on getting new features in the tech world, but the one I am about to share is amazing. Soon Amazon Alexa will be triggered easily and quickly with voice commands when used on a mobile phone. Now the engineers are testing a new feature that will allow users who are using Alexa compatible phones to interact with mobile apps. It means Amazon is bringing a new option to the user’s voice in order to search, view information, and access any functionality inside an app.

Amazon Alexa will Soon Let you Speak Commands to Open Apps

According to Amazon, the project Alexa will be easily implemented to apps like TikTok, yellow pagers, Uber, Sonic, and other apps. For example, you can ask Alexa to do a meaning full search inside the app like Twitter and extract results about trends, mentions, etc. Alexa for Apps can also open the Twitter app on the device and reveals the list of results as per the user’s demand.

It is not that simple, as Alexa for Apps can also offer visual info and additional options when apps like Uber and SONIC are used. It means, if you are planning to order food, you will get locations on the map, and it will read out menu items as well. Users can also set a function in an app that will be triggered by giving voice commands. No doubt, it is the best feature that can be triggered if you don’t want to use your hands.

When the feature launches, Alexa for Apps will be available for both Android and iOS devices. Right now, developers are looking to implement new functionality to the app that can help them gather new skills. No doubt, this feature will make the lives of many people easier who do not like to use mobile much and want to rely on voice commands.

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