Amazon Hands-Free Alexa is Live Now for Android & iOS

Amazon brings its Alexa mobile app for Android and iOS devices with the support of hands-free. This new addition will now allow users to activate Alexa on their mobile devices with the help of their voice. Alexa will work on mobile devices similarly it works on the Echo device. This shows that there is no need to tap the blue Alexa button on the app to wake up the digital assistant.

Amazon Hands-Free Alexa is Live Now for Android & iOS


With the new update, if you are intended to open the Alexa, then you have to ask Google Assistant on your Android phone or Siri on your iPhone to open the Alexa app in order to start the hands-free experience. This is so different from the previous one, in which you had open the app and then tap the blue Alexa button.

In order to get the feature, you will have to update the app and then you will get to see the option to enable hands-free detection, while a new setting is making you able to disable the feature at any time.

If you want to use it, then you have to unlock the phone with the Alexa app open. The feature will be available worldwide over the next several days, but as usual, it may take some time to hit the devices in your region.

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