Amazon Prime Users on iOS will be Able to Share Short Clips

Have you ever watched some movie on the video streaming platform famous these days and felt like sharing the clip with your friends? Yes, it happens on daily basis. Sometimes I like the dialogues from the movie and other times some scenes from the series I am watching these days. Sadly, no platform including Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon had the functionality of sharing our favorite clips. Even Netflix and Hulu do not even allow to take screenshots on their apps. Finally, Amazon has announced that users will be able to easily clip 30 seconds of video from its prime content, however, currently, only iPhone users would be able to enjoy this functionality. It means this functionality is just for Amazon Prime Users on iOS.

Right now this feature is available for a limited number of shows but this is worth it since users will have the liberty of sharing the clips of their own choice as compared to one shared by other streaming platforms.

Short Clips Sharing Feature is Launched for Amazon Prime Users on iOS

The company revealed that right now the video-sharing feature will be available for iOS devices having version 8.41 (or later) of the Prime Video app. Users would be able to see a share clip button alongside other controls while watching the video. By tapping this button, a 30-second video clip will be created which can be fine-tuned to make sure it has the content that you want to share with friends. This clip can be shared through Apple’s built-in sharing feature to friends or one can also share it on social media.

The company has not given any idea whether this feature will come for Android users or not.

Since Netflix and Hulu do not offer this functionality due to the third-party content, It seems by introducing this Amazon is going to capture more customers and it will be a missed opportunity for other platforms.

Furthermore, the company has announced that currently, users would be able to share clips from The WildsInvincibleFairfax, and season one of The Boys to start, but it will add more movies and shows later.

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