Amazon Shares Rose 1.6 Percent this Holiday Season

Amazon told that it has shipped more than one billion items in these holidays. Indeed this festive period was one of their best ever time as the Amazon shares rose 1.6 Percent this Holiday Season.

Voice controlled echo devices were sold nine times more that they were sold in last year’s holiday festival. However the sale figures from last year isn’t disclosed by the top retailer brand.

Amazon Shares Rose 1.6 Percent this Holiday Season

Jeff Wilke, CEO Amazon’s worldwide consumer division told that the best selling item these holidays was Amazon Echo home assistant and its smaller version, Echo Dot.

The company disclosed that 72-pack Keurig K-Cups, the movie “Finding Dory,” Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s , Nintendo Co Ltd’s and Pokémon Moon role-playing video games were among the best sellers on Amazon this year.

Jeff said :

Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock

The company told that 19th December,2016 was the busiest day of the year. Out of total worldwide customers ,75 percent bought mobile devices. Amazon in collaboration with Alexa sold about 4 million to 5 million devices this year.

Retail Metrics President Ken Perkins said:

Prime customers are spending twice as much as other consumers using Amazon and helping to fuel rapid revenue growth

Mr Perkins further added that such retail online shops like amazon are basically a one click ordering unit. These service stores are providing ease to their customers. They can buy anything at good rates providing convenience for shoppers not to skip the trip.

Such online stores build great pressure on the retailers that operate in shops where customer has to take time to go and shop things. Now a days web traffic has increased a lot due to which people have more exposure of buying things online.

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