RedDrop: An App Based Blood Bank that Quickly Arranges Blood

For blood requirement we usually go to blood banks, hospitals and now a days we also post on social media or send messages to our friends. In order to make this process more quick and effective here is a mobile Application developed for this purpose. RedDrop: An App Based Blood Bank that Quickly Arranges Blood.

RedDrop is a mobile app that is developed and conceptualized by Rawalpindi-based three friends Asif, Atif Nauman and Imran. These 3 friends felt the need of such an App when they had actually a hard time while looking blood. Hence they realized the power, significance and outreach of the social media these days.

RedDrop: An App Based Blood Bank that Quickly Arranges Blood

As in Pakistan we have Blood banks in many hospitals and even there are some independent banks too. But mostly all such places are either found lack of blood or they do not have the required blood group. Also the time required to visit and check these blood banks wastes the time of a person due the critical situation of patient.

In order to get rid of these both mentally and physically exhausting tasks are acutally what brought these 3 friends together.

According to the Facebook page of this App:

“The main aim is to solve the blood shortage problem.”

Nauman, one of the developer and a computer science graduate said that:

“It all started back in 2015 when the father of a friend, who was abroad, needed blood for a surgery. I ran around, asked people, but finally the response I received was through my posts on Facebook. That’s when I realized we could utilize social networks because a message spreads rapidly. I took the idea to two friends and that’s how we got to developing and designing the app.”

You can download this App from here: RedDrop

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