Android 12 will make it easier to install from third-party app stores

The Android 12 operating system from Google is scheduled to launch early next year. \The company said it will make it simpler for Android users to install new apps on their computers via third-party app stores. Google said it will make the move in response to feedback from developers, and vowed to reveal more information in the future. 

Google is giving a 1-year amnesty period for developers who do not comply with this regulation, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Google wants to say that Android is free and that developers can select how their applications on the web are delivered. Although it is accurate that Google Play is not the only Android app store (as opposed to the Apple App Store being the only iOS app store), Google allows smartphone vendors to have Google Play on their smartphones and forbids them from having third-party applications 

The business promises it will make it easy for Android users to instal new apps from third-party app stores on their smartphones as Google launches Android 12 early next year. Google said it is making the move in response to input from users, and vowed in the future to reveal further information. 

Google states that the move would only hit a limit of three percent of developers with Play Store applications. And of that three percent, it says that almost 97 percent now use the billing system of Google Play to encourage users to pay for their in-app purchases. Yet businesses such as Netflix and Spotify account for less than one percent of the developers in the Play Store. 


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