Android Bug Blocking Phone Calls, How to Fix it?

When the basic functionality of mobile of making and taking calls is not working, our phones becomes a lot less reliable and cause a lot more frustration. That is one of the reasons why the new bug which is blocking phone calls on Android devices is an issue of concern.

According to Google community manager, the bug affects the latest update of the Google Search app on android, though the manager did not confirm which version of the software contains the bug. The Bleeping Computer has reported that now a Google app bug exists that can stop certain Android devices from both placing and receiving phone calls.

Take this as a word of caution, that nevertheless updating one’s devices software is a good idea but one has to be vigilant of the undiscovered bugs and instabilities the update may carry. If by bad-luck you have encountered the bug, follow the below steps too fix it.

How to Fix the Android Phone call bug

Google has issued an update to its self-named app patching the call bug. All that is needed to be done is to install the update and ensure the device is Updated to make and receive calls. To check if the device app is fully up to date, do as:

  1. Open the Play Store and search for the Google app.
  2. If the Update button is visible, tap it. If the button says Open, the device is fully updated.

The Bug Affects Which Android Phones?

It is relief to say that not all Smartphone Android are the targets, only those smartphones made by LG seems to get infected; though Google has not confirmed the affected Android device brand name but all the complaints came from LG phones, including the LG G7, G7 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ, and LG Q70. Some users have even resorted to uninstalling the Google app altogether to resolve their issues.

Till Google does not release an official list of affected Smartphone brands, evidence from the complaints is the best we have to prepare ourselves against the bug.

Irrespective of the smartphone one owns, they should be updated with the latest Google app to ensure all the calls are getting through.

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