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Maintaining fitness is one of the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. The software market introduces a number of apps on health and fitness for the massive fitness seeking audience. Some apps are in the market are present just for the sake of presence. Nevertheless, users can find relative apps that are best suitable for their fitness requirements. Some apps relate to weight-loss, some to heart rate, and some for running. Android has some new Android fitness apps that are best suitable for the potential customers.


In this article, we are going to discuss some exceptionally Android fitness apps that are available in the android market for use.

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro is a great android fitness app. The function of this app is to track and monitor the running distance of the users. It is one of the best running and measuring distance app. Runtastic Pro uses GPS to track up your distance while running. It is the new version of its series. The current user rating of this app is 4.6. The app is for running, biking, skating and cycling. The app is loaded with some best features

  • You can start the run bike session with a voice command
  • It has a voice coach which helps the user setting the preferences
  • It has the auto-pause feature which makes the app stop as soon as the user stop moving
  • It allow the users to find and record track routes and further sync them with the Smartphone
  • It has the option of training goals, you can select heart rate, calorie or weight to optimize the training guide

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

The Endomondo Sports Tracker yet another Android fitness app by The current user rating for this app is 4.5. Users can download and install this app on android ice-cream sandwich and later versions. It is a personal trainer for your fitness; no other app can better assist you than this incredible app. This app helps users to keep track of their distance and calorie loss while running, biking, skating and cycling. You can record your tracks and share it with your friends. Users can easily gauge and analyze their overall performance with this app. This app has the following amazing features

  • It tracks your fitness and observe the stats of your speed, distance and time
  • Accurately analyzes your daily performance
  • You can join online running challenges with your friends and win amazing prizes
  • The app allows the users to set personal challenges, the audio training guide will help you to improve your running routine

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter is a remarkable app by MyFitPal. The latest version of this app is available for all the android users. The current customer rating for this app is 4.7. It has the largest database of food with over 3,000,000, which allow the users to choose and eat accordingly. Calorie Counter helps in keeping the track of the daily diet routine. It has almost 350 exercise procedures that include both cardio and strength building techniques. This app has everything that you will need to maintain your fitness

  • It has extensive food categories for the users
  • A number of flexible exercises techniques
  • It allows you to share your results with your friends
  • Users can customize and set priorities/goals

Runtastic Push-up PRO

The Runtastic Push-up Pro is a personal push-up trainer by Runtastic. Users can achieve the maximum positive output by a number of exercises and training methods available in this app. You can reach your fitness goals with the help of the experiences and guidelines of the trained professionals present in this app. Users can easily make track of their daily push-up routines and compare the daily results with the previous ones.

  • It has an in-built voice coach
  • It has an automatic countdown timer for the in-between breaks
  • You can share results with your friends and family on social networking sites
Final Verdict

In the android market, you can find more apps related to fitness and health. The lives of the people have become much easier and comfortable with these available apps.

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