Google Releases Second Android O Developer Preview-Everything You Need to Know

New version of Android is coming as Google has rolled out the developer preview of its next Android named Android O. Now Google Release Second Android O Developer Preview. The new software is coming with a variety of new features. Android O have boosted Artificial Intelligence with enhanced security. Google has announced this at the Google I/O, its annual developers conference in California.

Google Releases Second Android O Developer Preview-Everything You Need to Know

Fluid Experience:

  • With the new ‘Fluid Experience’, users can become more productive and can enjoy multi-tasking tools.
  • Google has introduced TensorFlow Lite, for low-powered devices. It is a scaled-down version of its machine learning tool, Tensor Flow.

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Picture in Picture Display:

  • The new Android O features picture in picture display. Now the users can get the multiple window in a screen. Moreover, users will watch the video in picture in picture display.

Notification Dots:

  • On its new Android, Google has finally changed the way Android devices show notifications.
  • Users will be able to long-press the app icon with Notification Dot and it will show notification in a tiny pop-up window.

“Notification Dot is a new way for developers to indicate that there’s an activity in the app,”

said Dave Burke, vice president of Android Engineering.

Auto-fill with Google:

  • Like Chrome and other browsers, Android O will also quickly fill in your username and password with a single tap.

Smart Text Selection:

  • Unlike other Android version, Google is adding machine learning in Android O to make selecting/highlighting easier.
  • For example, if you try to select an address/name consisting more than one word, the system would recognise and select the entire phrase. Especially, if you are selecting an address, the system will recognise it as an address and suggest you Maps, making finding directions easy.
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