Android P renew the navigation bar and apps menu

The latest Android P renew the navigation bar and apps menu with a completely new look. It has got a new home “pill” icon with a text button and another button for the removal of background running application. The app section has been changed also and the vertical scroll has turned into a horizontal scroll. Some designers have shared the screenshots from the latest Android P, let’s check them out.

Android P has released about a month ago in which they revealed some interesting things and further they said they will bring more fun in it. There are some things that are still at work which will reveal very soon. We haven’t seen any major changing if we compared it to Android Oreo 8.0.

Android P make over the navigation bar and apps menu

There are some aspects of the current Android navigation that is roaming around and Android P is finally using it. In Android P, you don’t need to swipe up from the bottom pill to go back to your home screen like we do with iPhone X. We can do still a simple click on a pill and it will take to your main home screen or we can end the multitasking screen. If we tap and hold the pill then we can access assistant and the current “flowery” animation. It has an app drawer which you can access by swiping up the screen.

One more change of Android P coming to the navigation system is the contextual back button. 9to5Google has shared that they are also still not sure that how it will work, they just said that it vanishes in some situation and one of those situations is your static home screen.

The navigation system is still in progress and it will come out in few months. The renders just showcased this early internal software so the users get an idea about Android P. These shared screenshots are tested in Google Pixel 2018.

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